Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cleaning House

The surprise/spontaneous visit from my sister last week really drove home to me the state of my house. It's in a constant state of chaos, a place with too much stuff and not enough storage. I don't have a place for everything, and when she asked to see my Studio, I was dismayed. I'd moved the things that had oozed into the guest bedroom back into the Studio. We could barely even wade in the Studio door, and no way could I show her what I was working on, as it was buried under mountains of everything.

It wasn't just the Studio, the entire house is out of control. I haven't been posting, because I've been trying to clean/straighten/declutter. I've been attacking small areas that I should be able to conquer in a day. The biggest area so far has been the laundry room. I still have a few details to take care of, but I am happy to report that all hand-washables have been washed, dried and put away. yay. They'd been piling up for months.

This afternoon I rewarded myself by clearing off a portion of my sewing table. I was desperate for some stitching, and after 3 hours of putter/decluttering, I could reach the machine.

The result was this little card.

I started with a watercolor rose that I'd photo-transferred quite a while ago. I painted the rose when I was in high school. The camera has been very generous, as it is not very good. Quilting added a bit of dimension. I then appliqued on a crocheted rose that I picked up at a yard sale a few months back. I've added some bead leaves and flowers for accent, and the back/border fabric is a lovely green with cabbage roses. This is destined for a past president of the SD Rose Society. shh! Don't tell!!

My immediate future doesn't look to hold much sewing, but if, perchance, I happen to do some, I'll be sure to jump online and post. If I don't, I'm probably still trying to clean up around here. *sigh* I never seem to get ahead...


Franki said...

Love the postcard -- combine vintage and your work is always a winner! Don't let the house overwhelm you -- one thing at a time...steady, but keep having fun too.

quiltedtime said...

Hi Suzanne,

I, too, am frustrated with the housework issue. I am praying that no one wants to stop by for a visit this weekend. I have two partially assembled cedar cubbies in the living room. Nice, but am not sure where I want to put them once they are finished. Thought they were going in the laundry/ironing/cats' bedroom but might nab them for my sewing room. Also finished tucking the bizillion applique/machine embroidery threads to the back of a new quilt top yesterday and will be sandwiching it on some floor in my house today. Will probably need to move some furniture to do that. Then there are the dishes. Oops, outa dish soap. Anywho...I think I know how you are feeling. Onward and upward....Kay