Monday, August 1, 2011

Every Man Needs a Maid

yep. It's true. What would he do without me? Would he do laundry, vacuum, dust, shop, or cook himself dinner? What about pay the bills, pay attention to workmen or do some extra gardening? If not for me, he'd have to hire a maid. And then some.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I signed up for this. It's just that when people ask what I do, and I say, "I'm a housewife," I get The Look. You know, where they're SURE I'm a romantic novels/bon bons kind of gal. Not so, folks, oh, so not so!!

Since we added the walnut property, I've added a second house, so to speak. Number One Son was/is in charge over there, but he got a job. With a job, away goes the time to devote to keeping up the property. I've been swinging by a few times a month, to be sure the dishes are done, the floor is swept, and there are no more infestations of ants.

But the man needs a maid, so I hired one. The maid service has come twice now, and I love seeing clean bathrooms. But he needs more than that for, say, what happens if the dog needs to go to the vet?

Who's going to do that?

Mom, that's who.

This morning Chupa and I paid a visit to the vet. Poor dog has been itchy, and she's got a nasty allergic reaction to something or other "most likely pollens." She has a few fleas, but I have not seen them on her or on Mr. Cat.

Anyway, she got a cortisone shot for instant relief, and I've got to order a flea pill to take care of that problem. Add in fish oil, 2 pills, twice a day, and that should give her added relief.

Guess who gets to order the meds, pick them up, and most likely try to dose the dog? Probably not her papa.

And, since I had to go out to the walnuts anyway, I couldn't help myself and volunteered to switch the water for irrigating the trees.

Yeah, I know. I SWORE I would not irrigate. But people I trust have said it's "fun." Dad was working, son was working, other son was out of town, that leaves...the mom. If only I had my camera, or a videographer to accompany me.

I was wearing a skirt and tennies, because I had to walk the checks to see if they'd finished. That part was fine. Opening new valves was fine. It was shutting off the valves of the finished checks that was not so fine. I finally took off my shoes, hiked up my skirt, and waded out to the valve, since I couldn't reach it.

I am now covered with dirt, sweat, and dog spit.

yep. The boy needs a maid. Definitely. Working back-up for one man is enough for me. Time to hit the shower!!


Diana said...

You are a saint. I hope that your family appreciates you. I'm sure that Chupa is deeply grateful. Since she is involved in this I'd be glad to take over her care for you but, alas, I live too far away to commute each day. Please give her a pat for me and know that you are appreciated!


Barbara said...

You are one busy lady.

So fish oil for itchy skin? I have a doxie who is allergic to bermuda grass (and that's what we have) and I give her pills but she still scratches and her poor belly is red. what size fish oil pills to you give your dog?

Nina-Marie said...

LOL! the son doesn't need a maid - he needs a wife LOL! I've been teaching my daughter right from the start not to expect her husband to EVER do as much as she does around the house - errands, social scheduling, holidays etc. I'm a firm belief that my husband thinks that Santa brings Christmas all bought, decorated and wrapped.