Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy Dance

This round of irrigating is done. yay!! If you wonder why I hesitate to participate, maybe this will give you a bit of insight. It's the kind of creature I could have nightmares about, or at least it was, when I was younger.

But that pump causes the water to flow.

And water that flows allows trees and nuts to grow. See those? Those are walnuts!

As I walked through the orchard, I saw yet another broken egg shell. :( On Monday, I saw two others, near the house. Mr. Cat had nothing to do with them. He prefers gophers.

Once the water has reached the end of the check, it's time to shut it off. See? I'm doing my part!

Now I have to wash my shoes. Again.

But that's okay, I don't mind. When I got home, Mr. Postman was just arriving and he handed me a box of TREASURE. ooh! aah!! Yes, I kicked off my shoes and did a happy dance.

The only question I have now, is WHERE am I going to put these?!!!


quiltedtime said...

Well, we are all waiting for these beads to be taken out of the bag and spread out so we can take a look at them.........

Franki said...

Open, open, open!

Barbara said...

That is a lot of beads! Wow. How fun to go thru them all.