Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More From San Carlos

The third card I delivered was this anniversary card. Penelope helped me take the picture, ergo the artistic tilt to the frame.

Here's a picture of the happy couple. It was completely unposed, as I was photographing something else when I spotted them.

I seem to be drawn to funky sculpture. I LOVED these frog mermaids. They crack me up! Like, totally, dude. (*snort, snort!*) (Did you know that Penny snorts when she laughs? It's very cute.)

It was the attention to detail that got me reaching for the camera. (And the sudden Shrek soundtrack playing in my head.)

We were at the Stanford Shopping Center, where Dad was teaching Penny flower appreciation.

She was very appreciative.

And last but not least, here's our little clothes horse showing off her strength. Love you, little Penelope!!!


pb said...

love the pictures especially little Miss Penelope!!!

Deborah said...

Great photos! She's so adorable!

Brenda said...

I just love the name of your grandbaby - Penelope! And Penny for short is just as adorable!

Barbara said...

So she's a clothes horse? Could it be that grandma keeps buying her adorable little outfits - because cute girls need cute clothes!!!