Tuesday, November 1, 2011

And The Winners Are...

First Place, Art, Whimsical....Sharon L. Schlotzhauer, with "Really Wild Flowers Second Season."

Sharon's miniature won second place, in the Art, Miniature category.

First Place, Art, Abstract...Paulette Landers, of Springville, CA. This is "Jubilation."

Sorry I don't have the write up. I hadn't seen this quilt before tonight.

** I have seen this quilt before, as it was BOS, Small Quilts at Best of the Valley. I had not yet come across it here in Houston. It's as lovely as I remember it.

Cindy Seitz-Krug (Bakersfield) and Molly Hamilton-McNally won an Honorable Mention with this lovely quilt.

I'd already photographed the quilt and the write-up, knowing that I wanted to post the quilts of people I know personally. woot! Are you as excited as I am, that I know some of them?

Tomorrow I attend a lecture with Cynthia England, then a luncheon during which the top winners speak. In the evening, it's Preview Night. woo hoo!!

Yep, I'm having a great time...wish every quilter could be here at least once!!

P.S. You want the complete list of winners? Click here.


Barbara Sindlinger said...

Wasn't Jubilation a winner at Best of the Valley? Thanks for the link to the winners - there is an awful lot of talent out there. Inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Jubilation was a winner at BOV 2011. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Linda