Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Festival is OPEN!!!

Waiting, waiting, waiting...the aisles are empty, as the vendors put the finishing touches on their booths and the quilters count the minutes until the doors open.

Oh, to have a sense of style and the confidence to create a "look" and carry it off so successfully!!

Did I tell you that my SAQA piece sold in the last few days it was in the store? The purchaser was Karey Bresenhan, the face of Quilts, Inc and IQA. I told Jan that it was my goal to thank her in person for buying my quilt, and Jan wished me good luck. Believe me, my luck right now is fantastic!

Karey was at the head table for today's luncheon, celebrating the top award winners. I hoped that I would be able to catch her and thank her. And then I realized that she was wearing the exact same jacket I was wearing!!! Well that demanded a photo, don't you think? She says she really likes the little quilt, and if her taste is my taste, I believe her!

And finally, tonight, when the doors to Festival officially opened...

My quilt was still hanging!!!


Del said...

The richest life is now! Congratulations on your quilt hanging at Houston. I hope you sent the picture to
She'll love seeing it.

Enjoy LOTS! Love, Del-at-home

Paula said...

I can't begin to tell you how proud of you I am. To have a quilt in Houston is fantastic. But the best part is getting your photo taken in front of it. Congrats.

Franki said...

That is uber cool Suzanne! Big congratulations on the whole Houston experience. Love the matching jackets! :)