Monday, November 7, 2011

My Fellow Olympians

Before I left for Houston, I was trying to describe this show. That's a bit difficult, as I'd never been here before, to see it in person. All I knew were its reputation, and the Big Names that are perennial favorites. I had no idea how accurate my Olympic description was. If you would like to see pictures of the winners, you can go here, and examine them at your leisure.

Those quilts are exquisite, and I am sure that you will be seeing many of them again and again, as they enter and win other national shows. But what about the "also rans"? What about my fellow Olympians? Those who have been training for years for just this event and came up "short."

I don't see it that way, that I came up "short," I see this as a major victory. I made it to the Quilt Olympics!! And so did a lot of other people. What follows is the complete class of Art, Naturescape, minus the 4 ribbon winners, and minus my quilt. You've seen them before. Take a gander at these beauties. Don't forget to read the descriptions that follow each quilt, as they tell you who made them and give you insight as to how.

The ribbon you see in the following frame belongs to the quilt on the left, not the cherry blossoms.

Sorry this is so blurry - I don't know what happened...

So what do you think? Tough category? Maybe. But they held the Quilt Olympics, and I was there! What an honor!!!


Barbara Sindlinger said...

Amazing work - it would be hard to be a judge at a quilt show because there is just so much talent out there.

And congrats for being in the Olympics!

pb said...

Beautiful thanks for sharing. I am so proud of you for being at the Olympics. Thanks for sharing.