Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Simply Amazing

Exactly one week ago we started destruction of the second house. This morning, they poured the foundation for the new workroom. wow.

This method of applying concrete through a hose was new to me. I guess it's much simpler to fill the borders around the garage this way, rather than trying to maneuver an entire truck. This afternoon they groom the new concrete and prepare for tomorrow's pour. Tomorrow they pour the garage floors. Next week they pour the breezeway and sidewalk/patio.

I took a walk in what was #1 Son's 2010 garden. He allowed it to go to seed, and now he has an abundance of radishes. I picked some last week, and they were barely the size of pencils. One week of cooler weather and they went nuts. wow!

I can't wait to see what I find when I go out there tomorrow!

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Kay said...

Somehow your blog got lost on Google REader and I haven't visited for a while. What a lot of news to catch up on. I enjoyed your Houston pics; obviously you had a wonderful trip, and what fun to see your Hoffman.