Friday, November 4, 2011

Still Festive

Ah, the days of fun and Festival! I didn't think it could live up to its rave reviews, but now that I'm here? Yeah, this is pretty doggone awesome! There is so much creativity oozing from every corner of the convention center, surely one absorbs it effortlessly. How could you help but be inspired?

The big names are here, not only in the fabric, but in their skin. :) This is one of the latest from Caryl Bryer Fallert. She won a first place in her division (I'm not sure which it was), with this fascinating study of movement.

While the quilt draws you in with its fabulous use of color, the quilting draws you even closer. Look at the quilted figures, which are invisible from a distance. The colorful bodies are quilted with feathered muscles and brains. It's mesmerizing. (click on the photo for detail)

This butterfly quilt caught our attention, because it was made by the same artist. Really? Since when does Caryl do this sort of realism?

I haven't taken many photos. I know. I should, I just haven't. There's so much to see, I forget to record it digitally.

I loved this portrait. The colors call to me. How is this? I don't particularly care for purple and yellow together, unless they're in pansies. Yet here it is, and it speaks to me.

Not only are there quilts everywhere, there are quilts for sale in more than one place. Quilts by Masters and Names are here for the taking. Just pull out the plastic, sign on the line, and it's yours.

Yesterday I bought a Velda Newman. I am not joking. It is small, it is framed, and it is mine. I'll post a picture at a later date, as my roommate is currently sleeping, and my hoard is in the room.

Yes, hoard. I've been stimulating the economy like there's no tomorrow. Today I will be shipping a box home. It will be filled with purchases and dirty laundry. If I don't, they won't let me on the plane. Too much weight in my suitcase, too many carry-ons.

And I thought that not bringing the largest suitcase would curtail my shopping. Ha! Fooled myself, that's for sure!!

There are little quilts for sale to support the next Texas Quilt Museum.

There is a silent auction of little quilts to support IQA. (I've been placing my bids, watching the dollars rise. If I don't win, well, let's just say they won't be giving those quilts away...)

And I've found little quilts for sale in Ami Simms' Alzheimers booth. This one caught my eye with its wonderful beading. And then the price tag. $350. I was staring at it, and they said, "Oh? You like the Melody Crust?" Ahhh... I've heard the name before, but was unfamiliar with her work. Very cool.

I did not buy this one, however I did buy three others. The money goes to a good cause - let's destroy Alzheimers!! - so I'm more than willing to do my part.

I bought three little crazy quilt-style donations. I've been trying to convince Jeremy to stock some gewgaws so that I can play around with crazy quilting. He told me he had a better idea. I could teach a class. Who? Me? I haven't even done it before. I've just lusted after them.

But I guess that suggestion had roots, as yesterday I picked up Allie Aller's Crazy quilting book, along with one by Judith Baker Montano. And silk ribbon, and velvet, and charms, and hand-dyed perle cotton...

I'm stocking up on the ingredients, I just hope that cake has time to bake itself!!

This morning Festival opens at 8:30am, for IQA members and 10:00 for the general public.

I tell you what, being an IQA member is worth a lot more than just being able to submit a quilt to the show. Come to Houston, and there are perks galore. Each day I am more impressed. I can't believe I leave soon. Can't I stay through the very last second?


Del said...

You are a friend beyond praise! I wanted so much to be there and couldn't make it. So, your pictures are a lovely gift - THANK YOU! I'll keep checking in. Continue to have a great time and add great things to your quilt collection! Love, Del

pb said...

Okay this is way to beautiful. thanks for sharing, buying those books does that mean you might teach a class on crazy quilting. I have those books and want to do a crazy quilt. Think I will put a buzz in Jeremy's ear.