Thursday, November 17, 2011

What a Difference a Day Makes

Temperatures are dropping around here, and the garden is beginning to show signs of winter. The gingkoes are bigger than last year, and those closest to the house are turning bright yellow. lovely!

The first few leaves have fallen.

The volunteer coxcomb are just about done for the season. See you again, my lovelies. Same time, next year.

Oh wait. You thought I was talking about the walnut house, not the Visalia house. At the walnuts, the oranges are starting to turn orange.

If the persimmons turn black, what does that mean? I've never had this type of persimmon tree before. Anybody want some?

But really, when I said a day makes a difference, I was referring to the demolition. Already it's time to think of rebuilding. See the footprint? The dirt in the foreground, to the right and left, will be the new garage and workout room. It will include 3 car bays and a utility sink.

When you look to the west, the bay window will now be framed by a breezeway. You will be able to see walnut trees instead of the back of a nasty second house. To the right will be a "game room," complete with bathroom. It might also function as a workroom/studio some time in the future.

And while all this is going on, Chupa naps. This is one of her favorite spots, just behind the "beware of dog" sign. I think she has a sense of humor.

Tomorrow I teach a class in hand quilting.

Today I got a "so sorry" letter from Road to CA. My quilt got into Houston, but couldn't make the cut for Road. go figure. However I entered two quilts, and haven't heard anything regarding my 2010 Hoffman Challenge. Do you suppose that one got in? Or are they sending the "I'm sorrys" in waves? I suppose I'll know soon enough...


Barbara Sindlinger said...

Man, if you didn't make it in Road, I'm glad I didn't even try. I was already rejected by them once. Too scared to try again.

Del said...

Think positive. And if you don't succeed the first time....
yadda, yadda, yadda!
Love that funky dog of yours!

Deborah said...

It's getting cold here, too. It' always nice to see Chupa.

quiltedtime said...

Dang, it makes you wonder, Suzanne. I actually think that is one of your best quilts, and in general, a top-notch one.

I've been playing and working too much lately to have anything that I thought would be worthy to enter. Plus our guild show is the week after that, and the logistics of getting the quilt to both shows on time is frankly not worth the hassle.

Now, I'm glad I didn't enter this year.


Diana said...

I found this on Wikipedia about the persimmons.

"The Black Persimmon or Black Sapote (Diospyros digyna) is native to Mexico. Its fruit has green skin and white flesh, which turns black when ripe."

Anonymous said...

The persimmons are getting close to ripe. From my experience, the black is probably from a little frost. It's not a problem. I like to pick them after they have had a frost or two. They make yummy cookies. Yes, I would like to have a few!! Yeah Chupa - what a good dog. Linda