Monday, December 19, 2011

Construction Goes on Hiatus

The construction continues at breakneck speed, although they will be taking a holiday break. The new roof is on main house, the roof was installed on the annex on Saturday. I'm on my way over to check it out shortly.

This is the main parking area of the garage. There is one regular parking bay, and one with a drive-through to the back of the property.

I've got my back to the previous picture. Here you can see the third bay, and a front work/storage area that will have a shop sink and water heater. The back room on the right, will be the workout room. or whatever.

We had to saw off the porch/overhang when the old building came down. Our contractor did an excellent job making the new transition, don't you think?

When you drive up, you see the garage in front of you, and the breezeway to the right.

Inside the workshop will be a full bathroom, with shower, toilet and utility sink.

There will be central air in the workout room and the workshop. Here is Grant, taking the holder up the ladder,

And onto the roof. He looks like he's done this before.

And finally, this was how it looked at 4pm on Friday. I hear that we've now got a full roof and all windows installed. I am so looking forward to checking it out! yay!!

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