Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Life Speeds By...

Christmas has come and gone, hard to believe. I wasn't really ready, but it came anyway. One of the most popular items at our house was one that was eagerly torn into. It was a mad race to see who could be armed first.

Let the fun begin!

It was every man for himself, and every man had a blast...and a blaster. :)

No, no! You're not supposed to shoot the mama!! (see the green ball in midflight, in front of dad's nose?)

bam bam bam!! Too much fun... And yes, those are rabbit ears in the background. We do not have cable. ;)

On Monday, I went to San Mateo, to meet up with some friends from our UCD freshman dorm. Meet Laura, Jane, me, Gale, Philomena, and Sanah. Yes, I'm the one in the hat. My dad gave it to me for Christmas, and my husband complimented me on it about 6 times over the course of the day. I figured that I'd get an honest review from my friends, which indeed, was favorable, after they stopped laughing, of course.

Laura lives near The Fish Market, where we met for dinner. If Candlestick goes dark again, maybe she can help us figure it out? ;)

On Tuesday, I stopped by for a babysitting gig with Miss Penelope. She was happy to see me, as Gramma makes a good jungle gym.

She seems to like the ball that we gave her for Christmas.

And she really likes taking off her socks. Does she look tired to you? She looks tired to me...

Penelope, let's take a nap. You close your eyes like this...

*yawn* close your eyes

If I blow kisses at you, will you stop laughing?

I suppose I should just give it up, this girl does NOT want to sleep.

I gave up, and then got her to sleep for two whole hours. Ah, Penelope, it's so good to see you!!

And now I'm home for a few weeks, where the mess seems endless. I have my work cut out for me. Hopefully, hopefully, it will include some quilting!


Barbara Sindlinger said...

Lucky you that you got to sit your grandbaby. I'll get to see my grandson this weekend for a couple of hours.

Glad you had a nice Christmas. (Love nerf toys - I keep a nerf gun at my desk at work - so much fun.)

Del said...

Thanks for sharing your grandgirl - she is a doll, but growing sooo fast.
COOL hat! You should join the upscale crowd and wear one every single day - but not the same one.