Friday, December 2, 2011

Progress Report

As the seasons change around here, a lot more is happening than just leaves falling off the trees.

After the Thanksgiving hiatus, the concrete guys came back and poured the breezeway and sidewalks. The edges were lined with what looked like rebar to me. It wasn't. It was giant bolts. (was? are?) Pieces of lumber are then drilled, leaving holes for the bolts.

Then, when the frame of a wall is built, it is held snugly against the concrete with a giant nut. And the silver gadget on the corner? I guess it would take more than Godzilla to rip that thing from the foundation. The building should be EXTREMELY secure/sturdy. It would take more than a day to get this thing out of the ground, believe you me.

When I stopped by after guild yesterday, I found one wall in place and a second being assembled.

Before you could say, "Jack Robinson!" they had it together and started lifting.

On the left is Grant, our contractor. On the right is his brother, Gary.

Keep going, steady there...

And before you know it, there be walls out there! (Star Trek IV reference, for you non Trekkies.)

Once the frame is in place, it's covered with plywood.

These brothers are pretty good at working together. See how the one ducks as the other goes right over him with the board? It's like a well-orchestrated dance.

Grant says that by the end of today, all of the walls should be up. Amazing. The next time I have pictures, there will probably be trusses as well. It's hard to believe that it's finally coming true. I'm so excited!

You didn't think I'd pass up a chance to share another Penny pic, did you? Here's something to put a smile on your face. Don't you just want to pinch those cheeks? ;)

And that's a wrap, folks.

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