Monday, January 23, 2012

Best Laid Plans

I had grand plans to drive down to Road to CA on Sunday, see the show, visit with friends, and pick up my quilt. That didn't happen. Instead, I'm sticking close to home, with some bronchitis and possible pneumonia. What a drag. Literally. ;)

I went by the walnuts, to see the progress. Five days absence from the project means a lot of siding has gone up. This is the view of the south side. Behind the window is a 3rd car bay, for tinkering or storage. The garage door is a drive-through, from the front of the property to the backyard.

This is the west side of the garage building. Grant and his brother were challenged with trying to get the siding around the lip of the overhang. Not a lot of fun, but very well done. :)

This is a view of the northwest corner of the garage building and breezeway. The door goes into a room with heating/cooling, where the boys want to put some exercise equipment.

You've seen this view of the northwest corner of the workshop before. Other than all of the siding in place, it doesn't look much different.

This is the north side of the garage. They still have some siding to install.

Oh, and look at that. The east side of the garage really needs some siding.

We walked through the structure, with Mr. Cat leading the way.

A boy and the dog followed.

There. Good enough?

Apparently Mr. Cat is a photo-phobe, as I snapped this just before he took a swipe at me with his left hook. Enough of the paparazzi already, enough!!

On the quilt front, I'm in the middle of a quilt-for-hire. Let's hope I kick this bug quickly, as I've got a LOT that I'd like to finish in the coming week.


Deborah said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Barbara Sindlinger said...

Feel better soon.

sewmuchfun said...

The house is really coming along :)