Wednesday, January 11, 2012

No Quilting Today..

Instead, I had a BOTV meeting and a dentist appointment.

Afterwards, I swung by the walnuts and found progress.

This is the first wall of siding. The contractor thinks he can have all of the siding up on this portion of the building by tomorrow afternoon. Goals are good!

And we have a front door!! Yay!! It's looking better every day, don't you think?

Tomorrow is guild, and HOPEFULLY some quilting. Goals are good!!


Diana said...

Congratulations on the new construction.

How about snapping a few shots of Chupa in her New Year for my Chupa album.

Thanx, Diana

quiltedtime said...

So nice to have a fresh new building, isn't it? Makes you realize that you really did make a good decision in replacing the old one. If there was any doubt...