Monday, February 20, 2012


Can you believe that this is my 901st post? I can't. When I started this blog, it was my intent to focus on quilting, and in particular how it reflects my faith. Funny, isn't it, how life gets in the way?

This morning my palm trees looked like this.

Four hours later, the four trees looked SO much better!

But waiting here with the tree trimmer meant hours before I was able to get over to the walnuts to see what the painter was up to.

Along the way I took this picture.

And this one, of future peaches, hopefully edible.

And this one of my favorite accessory on the barn,

And then I was in the workout room. Well good! They DID put Polar Bear on the ceiling!

We had several discussions about WHITE vs. Swiss Coffee. Swiss Coffee not only sounds brown, it looks brown. I prefer a white ceiling, thankyouverymuch! :) (The hole in the ceiling is for a solar tube, which will function like a skylight, in less space. We're just waiting for them to cut a hole in the roof...)

This is the garage, done entirely in Swiss Coffee. White wasn't necessary in here, as this is for parking, not for playing.

My doors are Polar Bear white. yay!

This is the before, with primer, of the workroom.

This is the after. It's called "Skylark." I like it very much. It will look even better, once the papers are off the windows and the solar tube is installed.

And this is the bathroom. It's supposed to be the same color as the workroom, but apparently the halogen light changes the color. who knows? At least it's blue! :)

Since this area is for working, but not working with color, I wanted it to be something that would be uplifting yet peaceful. I gave the boys their choice of basic color (they chose blue) and then I put two tints on the wall for them to choose. I think they chose well. I think I like it.

Tomorrow...we begin the floors. Stay tuned.

P.S. Quilting? What about quilting?

Today I am piecing baby quilts, as I just found out that a baby was born quiltless on Super Bowl Sunday. How is it that I am ALWAYS behind? Hopefully I'll have pictures of quilting later this week.

P.S.S. Don't forget to send in your entries for Best of the Valley. The postmark deadline is this Friday, 2/24/12.

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