Sunday, February 12, 2012

Enjoying Nature

For the past several weeks, as I've driven out to the walnuts, I've watched these sheep graze their way through the alfalfa fields. This was the first time I've had my camera handy and no traffic, so I pulled over to snap their picture. They've been sheared within the past month. When they first appeared, they were much woollier.

The sheetrock is slowly being mudded. I arrived just as the workers were leaving. Next step: texture. I wonder how many days that will take? This little pocket is in the garage. It's the "mechanic's bay," where the boys will be allowed/encouraged to work on their vehicles. The idea is to contain the process. They are agreeable.

Just outside, the persimmon tree is dropping its fruit. It is a bird magnet. This little guy was kind enough to hold still while I struggled to zoom my camera. My camera has been on the fritz since I dropped it in Tahiti. I've ordered a new one, I can't wait for it to get here!

I'm not sure you can even see this guy. There were several of them, flitting back and forth so quickly that is was literally "now you see them, now you don't." He's in the center of the top 20% of the frame, just to the right of a persimmon. If you click on the picture, it will get bigger, but I still can't guarantee that you can tell what the little guy looks like. ;)

I think this is the same sparrow-like fellow from the first bird photo. Or his friend.

The walnuts are winning. They have the first iris to show petals. At home, my iris are still in the bud-only stage.

#1 Son has been very busy, clearing a place to plant his row crops. His assistant thinks that he's making her a special bed. Note all of the doggy prints back and forth on his nice, neat dirt.

"What?" yep. She's sure this is all for her. She was quite shocked when he bumped her on the behind when she started digging a hole.

And that's all I've got for you today. Hope you enjoyed the show!

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Diana said...

My lucky day! Two more Chupa picts for my album. She really looks like she is fleshing out well and her fur looks so much healthier. Of course I've had her Valentine's Day present for almost 2 weeks and here it is the day and I've never sent it. There is even a treat for Mr. Cat but I'm hoping to get the presents there by Easter.

Blessings and congratulation on all of the new features at the walnut farm.