Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Humming Right Along

On Saturday, the insulation was installed. When I stopped by yesterday morning, the garage looked like this.

Yesterday, the sheetrock was delivered, and this lovely machine was placed on the roof. woohoo!

By three o'clock this afternoon, the workshop was done and the dry wall guys had moved into the garage.

Look at it! It looks like a building!

Yesterday I selected a vanity and granite countertop for the bathroom. And tile for the shower. Today I picked up the granite and had it cut for the sink. The parts are in the middle of the living room, where they will remain for the next couple of weeks until it's time to put them in the bathroom. :)

While all this has been going on, miracles are underway in my backyard. It's almost time...

I finished another UFO. This one is called "Passionate," and was inspired by the "Passion" piece that I donated to SAQA last year. I loved that little quilt, and still miss it.

Here's a close-up, to show some of the beading and the velvet heart. That's a piece of silk something-or-other wisping across the top of the heart.

I also made a card yesterday. Hopefully it won't be seen until AFTER it arrives in tomorrow's mail. I had time to post this evening, so I'm taking advantage of it.

And when I'm not out at the walnuts, I'm working on the quilt show. The entry deadline is coming up in 2 weeks - is that right? 2 weeks?!! Hopefully all of you are getting your paperwork together and are preparing to toss it in the mail. The deadline is February 24, don't delay!

I'm sorry my blogging has been erratic and scattered. I feel like my hamster wheel is jet-powered these days, and it's quite the challenge to keep on schedule. whew!

So much to do, so little time!! :)

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sewmuchfun said...

Wow, can't believe your irises are ready to bloom!