Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I've Been Busy...

First, I'd like to thank both Vicki Welsh and Lisa Ellis for sending pictures taken at Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. wow. I feel like a star! You're both terrific!!! This quilt is on to New Jersey, for their Festival this weekend. I expect it home some time next week.

While my quilts are out and about, I'm doing things like go to Costco. I had my camera with me. Costco has cute birds. :)

Back at the (walnut) ranch, Chupa has been observing a LOT of activity.

Our middle son left this morning at 4am, on a grand adventure. He has relocated from Davis, CA to Little Rock, AR, or at least he's in transit. He should get there by Saturday (his 25th birthday), and starts work at 7am on Monday. yikes! Talk about a tight schedule!

His departure was delayed a bit, as he was unable to find moving crates to his specifications. He made his own. He allowed pictures of his hands, but balked at anything more. That's okay. He has skilled hands.

This is his first crate, made of cedar fencing. He made a total of three. The other two were not quite as large.

While the people worked, the plum tree has not been slacking. There were a few bees, but apparently they were camera shy. At least I figured out how to get a clean, crisp close-up. Now if I can only repeat the process when I shoot my quilts.

The remodel is progressing. Today they finished up the shower floor. I was a bit frustrated to find out that the lovely accent tile that I chose was not ordered until Monday of this week. It should be here on Friday. It's coming from Florida. *sigh* (The door frame will go up tomorrow, after the vanity is installed. They didn't want to ding it when they polished the floor.)

"Polished the floor?" What we did was have the concrete polished, stained and sealed. After all, this is a workroom. I am thrilled with the easy-to clean surface, as well as the way it reflects so much light. This building fairly glows with natural light. I wonder if there will be any space to stash a quilter?

The contractor and his (twin) brother are in the process of installing solar cans. They are much easier to install than skylights, and add a crazy amount of light to the interior. I'm ready to have some of these installed in my house house. It would be nice to turn it from a cave into a home...

And while all this has been going on, I've almost finished a little quilt. I will show it to you after this weekend. I am currently binding it.

And today we juried the quilt show. Oh, you must come! It is going to be wonderful! We will have more than 240 quilt vying for approximately $3000 in premiums. Mark your calendars now, for April 13-15.

This post has been brought to you by the color purple...

Hope it was worth the wait!

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