Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Progress Continues

The sheet rock looks even better, now that they've cleaned up the debris from the floor. Today they taped the corners and started "mudding" the walls. Texture goes on tomorrow and probably Monday, because it's too cold for it to dry very quickly. Doesn't matter. The difference between today and three days ago is PHENOMENAL.

The shower is big enough to wash one's hair with comfort. Don't you just love my model? ;)

Tonight we ate steak out under the stars. This tree was eye-catching, as it was lit from the ground with a halogen light. I took a number of pictures, this is the only one that came out.

And then we enjoyed the fire pit for a spell. Don't worry. I'm sure it was a burn day, as I saw a number of ag fires and no attempt to hide them...

As for sewing, I finished a quilt-for-hire, that will be delivered in the morning. Hurrah for small victories!

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