Friday, February 10, 2012

Signs of Spring

Who knew that we had a camellia bush at the walnuts? Not I. It's quite beautiful. I love camellias.

The "mystery tree" of last year, (that turned out to be a tasteless peach), has been well-pruned and is beginning to bud. We are hopeful that this year, now that we know what it is and how to take care of it, we will have edible peaches. Goals are good. ;)

This little bird nods his/her approval, as it flits in and out of the branches.

See this area around the ag pump? On Monday, it was full of knee-high weeds. Our Farm Manager (#1 Son) heard his dad wish that the area would be cleaned up and filled with decomposed granite. Said son went to work and cleared out the weeds.

By Thursday afternoon, Dad's dream was a reality. The weeds are gone, in their place are tons of granite. Nice and neat, just like Dad wanted. Son added his own touch, with planter boxes full of peanuts. I'm curious to see how they grow...not many people choose to grow peanuts in California.

What happened to all of the dirt taken out of the above-pictured area? It was tossed across the driveway, where Chupa declares it perfect bedding.

I spent the morning filling out my entry forms for Best of the Valley, and taking and printing pictures. I can't very well scold anyone saying, "Surely you made SOMETHING this year, YES, we want it!" if I haven't done it myself. As of 3pm, my entries have been submitted and processed. How about you? Are you getting yours together? I hope so. I can't wait to see what you've been doing...

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Diana said...

Your walnut farm looks like it is really coming along nicely. I especially am in love with that furry little four legged beastie in the last picture. Thanks for the picture of her. She has her own photo album on my MAC.

By the way when is BOV? If I can arrange it I want to come down for it.