Thursday, March 1, 2012

123 Letters Later

And the results of the jury are in their envelopes and will go to the post office tomorrow. If you submitted an entry to Best of the Valley, start watching your mailbox come Saturday. One way or another, you'll know about your quilt(s).

While I've been at the computer, the contractor continues his tasks. How do you like the polished, stained concrete? Not too bad, is it?

It's even better with baseboards!

Number 3 son's friend built this frame for the utility sink. I'm holding my breath, wondering whether or not the sink will fit. He did have the template. :) Tomorrow we should find out, one way or another. The frame is made from beech, and finished with polyurethane. It is a work of art, and should be installed in my living room, not in the garage.

And speaking of the garage, today we have doors.

Oh, I am so excited! There are still plenty of baseboards and switches and this that and the others to put in, but the vanity is resting in the bathroom, and the lights and mirror are on the premises. I found a mirror in the back of my closet, that just happens to be the right size and the wood matches the vanity. I knew I was keeping it (for 15+ years) for something...

No sewing today. Maybe Monday.

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Paula said...

everything is looking so fresh and new......hum wonder why? Because it is. Very nice. Tell the boys they will have to keep it looking like that. HaHa.