Friday, March 16, 2012


Just when I think everything is under control, someone hacks my quiltshow website.

Thank you, Barbara, for letting me know.

Should I just pull my hair out now? Or wait until it's closer to show time?

mutter, mutter, hackers!!

Best of the Valley
April 13-15

10am-5pm on Fri/Sat, 10am - 4pm Sunday

$10/day or $15/ 3-day pass.

I'd give you a link, but what's the point?



Barbara Sindlinger said...

Sorry to have been the bearer of the bad news. I hope your computer tech guy can get that cleared up.

Let me know when the link is working again and I'll hook up my personal and the guilds website to the show site.

Take a deep breath!

quiltedtime said...

I am so sorry this happened, Suzanne. I can't imagine who would even want to do such a thing.