Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

We had a wet and woolly weekend, hooooo-whee! In two days we had 1/3 our year-to-date rainfall total. It's been a DRY year.

While rain was pouring outside, I bent over a few projects inside.

I belong to an exchange group called Postmark'd Art. I signed up for the Picasso theme this round, and had until April to get my cards done. yikes. Can you say, "Down to the wire?" These are my "Cubist Fish." You can see the Picasso portrait that I knocked off when I cut apart some fish and pieced them back together.

It felt very good to cross that off of my to-do list. whew!

I didn't feel like working on anything that took focus, so I quilted yet another baby quilt, and even bound it. That was an unplanned and nice surprise. For a brief while I am prepared, should any baby be born without warning. I don't expect my stack of baby quilts to stay around for long, but it feels good to know they are there right now. yay.

And now the storm is passing. Last night's sky was spectacular. I wish my camera could have captured all of the clouds, because they filled the heavens. It took my breath away.

I should have more to show you by the end of the week, as I'm almost done with a big for-hire project, and need to get it delivered soon. Goals are good!

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