Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Finished? Finished!

Today some of the last things went in at the remodel. The finishing details, if you will.

One of the biggest hang-ups was a water source to fill a fire truck, should it be required. We're out in the country, and one of the contingencies of approval was a 5,000 gallon water tank. cha ching. We had hoped that we could be grandfathered in without the tank, but we weren't. Instead, we were allowed to attach this valve to our grove irrigation system.

This is Grant, our contractor, and the wrench required to install the fire plug thingy.

Another detail was the installation of a second propane tank behind the garage. I'd wondered how they were going to get it in there. Cranes are a lot more prevalent than I'd previously realized.

By 3pm, we had a "ta da!" The contractor was gone, and he took his trailer with him. See Chupa coming out on patrol? She's loving this new building. We still have 3 more things on the list (gate, alarm, make sure the dual pack works) but that list is small, and I'm loving it.

The workout room is complete. yay! How nice to be able to workout without exposure to the elements...if I were so inclined. I am not.

The bathroom is also complete. It doesn't matter if anyone else likes it. I like it, the boys like it, and that's what matters, right?

As to the main workroom, there's nothing to show. The boys come from a long line of Engineers: My grandfather was a Mechanical Engineer, as is my brother, as is my middle son. The older and youngest sons are Electrical Engineers. I am very familiar with the tendency/need/compulsion to tinker. As a quilter, I understand the need for a dedicated workspace. And so, that is what this will be. Their dedicated workspace. They are currently planning and organizing and deciding how best to work their space. Maybe, in the next few weeks, I'll be invited in, with my camera. For now, I'll respect their privacy.

On another note, I always drive past a rock quarry on my way to the walnuts. A few weeks ago, I noticed a line of egrets along the roof edge. It was hilarious, but I was going too quickly to pull over and stop. I've seen them about once a week, and I haven't had my camera or I've been in a hurry, or something. But yesterday, I was going slowly enough to pull over and snap their pic. (The first time I saw them, there were twice as many, and they were all standing on one foot.)

I took a couple of pictures, and then they spooked.

And that's all I've got for you...


pb said...

Bravo for a job well done.

Franki said...

Congratulations on a job complete! And for getting the egrets. Love it.

Kathy said...

I am wondering if these are the same Egrets that have occupied the walnut adjacent to our property here in Hanford. The orchard was irrigated and the Egrets were wading and perching in the trees for a couple weeks. Very fun to observe.