Monday, March 12, 2012

Flowers And Finishes

I wish I could say that the walnut remodel was on my list of "finishes," but it's not. When they finish the front door, maybe we'll be able to make use of it. Until then? I don't think so. But the toilet flushes, so that's good! :)

The weather has been curious, hot one day, cold the next. Now they're saying "rain tomorrow," but I don't know who "they" are, and they haven't been very accurate this year. In the meantime, some of my irises are blooming. This was the first one to get started. ooh! aah!

This is a close-up. Aren't the fall petals interesting with their zebra-like rusty stripes?

I've been watching this "little" iris bud for the past three weeks. Finally, finally the bloom exploded. Why it is growing in such a precarious place, I'm not quite sure. The plant has been there for 2 years, this is the first time it's bloomed. Now that I know it's so tall, I may have to relocate it.

Mr. DeMille? My closeup?

Can you see the two buds in this frame? Perhaps they will bloom in the next few weeks. I love my irises!

I love my orchids too. Each year they send out one more spike. This year I have three. How do I care for this orchid? I ignore it. Completely.

As to the finishes, I finished this quilt over the weekend. I'd forgotten it, pushed it aside in another room, then ran across the email telling me "Samantha Joy, born Super Bowl Sunday." oops. I got the email from my husband, letting me know that another vet baby had been born. Finally she'll be getting her quilt. Better late than never. (Then again, I didn't know until after the fact, so there's no way it would have been on time!)

And while I was whipping up that one, I finished this one too, to put in the "be prepared" pile. Who knows when another baby boy will pop into the world and need a quilt? A baby girl? Well, that's another story.

And there you go. Some flowers and some finishes. yay!!

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Barbara Sindlinger said...

Finishes are good. Especially since we know you've been busy getting BOTV ready. I wish I had your love of gardening but alas, it just don't.