Monday, March 5, 2012

oh. Oh. OH!!

So I pick up my mail today, and there is a large envelope from AQS. Curious. What can it be?

It's a "congratulations!" letter, congratulating me! really? I thought notifications were coming out on March 15. But no, they came today, both in the mail and online. "Congratulations, Semi-Finalist!"

Not one, but two of my quilts are headed to Paducah in late April. The first is "Through the Waters," (the one that went to Houston), the second is "The Flower Fades," (the one that just won an award at M-AQF).

Oh. My.

When I last went to Paducah, in 2006, I had two competition quilts and my Hoffman Challenge hanging. I declared it to be a "once in a lifetime!" event.

Just now I checked the Hoffman Challenge website. Trunk D, which holds my quilt, will be in Paducah in April.

Can you say, "Deja vu?"

When I get over the shock, I might just squeal. Plug your ears, folks, I'm pretty excited!

Can you say, "Road trip"?

See me grin!


Vicki W said...

Congratulations! That's fabulous news!

sewmuchfun said...


Barbara Sindlinger said...

You are on a winning streak. Congratulations! All well deserved.

Sara Kelly said...

OK now I know what semi-finalist means. It never gets to be old hat, does it? You rock!

Franki said...

Whoa! Uber congratulations! Yes, I can say ROAD TRIP. It's a must. I'm feeling warm from your glow. :)

Brenda said...

A huge congratulations for your show acceptances. Not only for the beautiful quilts completed but the determination (and knowhow) to submit them! The "Through the Waters" quilt looks especially good on the computer. I'm sure in person they look even more spectacular!