Monday, March 26, 2012

Thank You!

Thank you for all of your kind words regarding the Hawaiian shirt quilt. :) That was only the second time I've made an entire original quilt-for-hire, the first time being at least 10 years ago. For the most part I quilt for hire, not make quilts, for hire. :) But I thoroughly enjoyed the project, from beginning to end. Good thing, because I have another bag of shirts waiting for me to transform into a second quilt, once we make it to May. I've got too much on my plate right now to even think about anything other than quilt show.

I typed up the program today. Tonight I will proofread it, and tomorrow it goes to the printer. Goals are good.

We saw Hunger Games last night. Good movie, and I'm not much for going to the movies. I thought the initial cinematography was so choppy as to detract from the movie, but once they made it to the Capitol, it was better. The movie was good, the book was better. If you have to choose, read the book. :)

And on Saturday...or was it Friday evening? I made a little quiltlet. I am completely behind on March birthdays. One down, four to play catch-up. Goals are good, even if the target send date will be May.

yep. All quilt show, all the time. I hope you're planning to come, and bring your friends!!

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