Sunday, April 15, 2012

Almost Over

On Thursday morning, the show looked like this before the vendors arrived.

On Friday morning, the Committee looked like this, before the people arrived.

On Friday, the rain also arrived. We put a limo into the shuttle fleet, to move the ladies to and from parking.

By Saturday, the skies had cleared and the people came. And the people shopped. And the people smiled so much their faces hurt. It's true. They told me so. :)

And all the while my beautiful beauties were bursting their buds into brilliant blooms, behind the scenes, in my backyard.

The show is open 10-4. Hope to see you there!

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Vivian Helena said...

Hi Suzanne, the quilt show was wonderful..Sorry, we did not connect. Hubby and I were there on Sunday morning. Lots of beautiful quilts and loved the Hoffman Challenge quilts. Fun to see that Franki won all her awards.
Kathy will call you when she get into town... thank you for taking care of my quilt. hugs, v