Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Good News

First, I'm excited/delighted to tell you that at least one missing quilt has recently been returned!

When I peeked in at Allison Aller's blog this morning (at 5am, yawn!) I found that her cover quilt from her book that went missing last year at Cincinnati has been found and returned. yay!

Our local good news is that the quilt judges came, they saw, they conquered. Meet Ann Turley and Linda Rasmussen. They both drove up from SoCal, to perform judging duties at BOTV yesterday. They judged 241 quilts. whew!!

They always look at the binding. "Binding should be full." "Binding corners should be square." "Miters should be stitched closed." Those three phrases were heard a lot less this year than in previous years. yay for our quilters! We bind pretty well. :)

If you're wondering how all of the comments get onto the judging sheet, they're written down by the scribes. These are Ann's scribe's. Linda's are on the other side of the room, writing down every word.

The picture was taken before we began. Betsy? Are you meditating? Imagining the show is hung and the day is done? Not yet. We hang the show today.

And the rains began coming down at 4:39...oh, dear...

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