Monday, April 30, 2012

Still Not Back

Greetings from Little Rock!  I am here to see where my middle son has moved to.  Nice.  Very nice.  If you have to relocate to a place you've never been, you could definitely do a lot worse. He seems to be adjusting to life here quite well.

 I have no idea how to write between photos or shift them or anything.  You get what you get, because I haven't figured out how this new blogger works.  NOT user friendly, at least not to this user.
 Yesterday we went to the zoo.
 These guys were pretty aggressive.  It's like they are conditioned to something.
 These guys were hilarious.  I could have watched them for a lot longer than I did. Then again, maybe they were the ones doing the watching.
 This is the first time I've ever seen a rhino with a long horn.  In San Diego, all of the rhinos had their horns filed.  They told us that the rhinos filed them down...or maybe the zoo did?  To keep them from injuring each other?  I never understood "sawing off the horn" for an aphrodisiac, but seeing this horn?  It made a bit more sense.  (If you can make sense of a senseless act.)
 This was Daniel's favorite.  This guy went in for a dip in the spa, and was just emerging when I snapped the pic.  I am so glad that my good camera decided to go back to functioning.  I have a lot of "good" pictures...or at least a lot of keepers.
And on that, I'm in the airport, awaiting my flying chariot(s).  From here to Dallas to Phoenix to Fresno.  I should be home before the last episode of House begins.  Goals are good!

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