Friday, April 27, 2012

Toto, We're Not In Cali Any More...

I'm Not Driving My Car, I'm Flying a Charger
 And the traffic lights are too many to count, blowing in the wind.
 The rivers don't crash down the mountains with melting fury.  This one makes no sound at all, except for the barge, barging along.
 You would never see this slogan in CA, because it's CA.  I kind of like it.  :)  (the license plate, I mean)
 I don't know the woman, but the kind man was offering her assistance.  You know, that guy COULD be from California...
And that's what I've got for you.  I haven't the time to figure out the new "improved" blogger.  It's reminding me of Word Press - "intuitive and user-friendly," which means that I'm in the deep end without assistance.  I struggle with Word Press and used to like the ease of Blogger.  With this update?  I'll be surprised if I ever figure it out.  In the meantime, I look at it, and have zero desire to use it.

Blogger - I stick my tongue out at you, even if my mom would scold me if she saw.

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