Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cleaning Up

Now that the quilt show is over...  Let me begin again. 

Now that I have survived April, I find that May is running away without me.  My stated goal for May has been "I'm going to quilt my way through May!!"  Oh, how that thought pulled me through the paperwork!  "If I just finish this, that, and the other, I will be able to sew!"

And yet, now that it is time, I find that I can't find anything.  My "Studio" is buried under mountains name it, it's in there.

Rather than shift the piles from here to there and back again, I'm determined to sew my way through part of them and at least make a dent.  I brought this stack of Komforters for Kids home from the last guild meeting.  At guild, they leave a "quilt sandwich" on the table, hoping that someone will take them home and stitch them together.  I stitched them on Sunday and quilted them on Monday.  These go in the back of patrol cars, etc. and are given to kids in distress.  They are a permanent gift, to keep, as they travel through The System.

 I had fun practicing "happy sunshine" on the top quilt.  I haven't machine quilted since March.  I have some quilts-for hire waiting for my attention, and I need to get my groove back.  This definitely helps!

In the backyard, we've got a different kind of clean-up happening.  Mr. Siamese swings by to scarf the food dish quite regularly.  He's one of the biggest cats I've ever seen.  Every once in a while (not often), he'll forget that I terrify him and let me pat him.  Nice kitty.  At least he is now.  He still patrols my yard, but now, instead of trying to chase my cats out, he's after the nasty solid black one that is trying to add our cat haven to his turf.  Mr. Black Cat?  The cost is high.  Just ask The Siamese.  He paid dearly...Then again, he now has all the food he can eat and a much improved personality.  And he no longer smells bad.  yep.  Want to pay the price of admission?  By all means, we can and will accommodate you.

When I mentioned "cleaning up," I'm guessing you thought I'd be talking about something quite different.  hahahaha!!  :)  Maybe tomorrow.

I've got another UFO just about finished.  Another hour of attention, and it might just find its way out the door.  woohoo!!  Goals are good!!  :)  See ya later!  :)


Barbara Sindlinger said...

It's good to have goals. I love practicing my quilting skills on charity quilts. Makes it even better when they have them sandwiched together too.

Quilt Crazy said...

You are so good. I wish I could just quilt and quilt and quilt.