Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Great Stuff

Have you heard about this amazing stuff called Retro Clean?  I first heard about it at Houston.  It's supposed to rejuvenate your old linens, or something to that effect.  Oh my, does it ever!  This little doily was the same color as the ironing board.  The drape with the embroidery had been even darker.  They soaked for an afternoon, and came out sparkling.  I am a believer.  :)
 I've been stumped when it comes to the Hoffman Challenge.  I'm not a fan of the fabric, but then I say that every year.  I had an idea that I thought would work, but when I pulled the things out of the box, they weren't what I thought they were.  Back to the drawing board.  I had another idea yesterday.  This is what I've got to show for  a few hours of fiddling.  Don't ask.  I may not finish it.
I've been very pleasantly surprised with the new walk-on dog. 

I'm not much of a dog person - I tend to attract cats - but I do have a soft spot for abandoned critters.  Being a pit bull, and intact, he has two massive strikes against him.  Yesterday we took him to the vet.  The doctor pulled off another 2 dozen ticks (to add to the 8 my son pulled off last week), and declared him to be a beautiful young dog.  "Keep him!" 

When a vet tells you he'd much rather work with a pit bull than a German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Chow, or Doberman, I listen.  Frankly, they all scare me.  But today was the selling point.  I was out at the walnuts (without my camera) and watched young Rocky sparring with Chupa.  It was the most gentle dog wrestling, playing I've ever seen.  He seems to know that she's fragile, even if she doesn't.  He gives what he gets (she's trying to gum him to oblivion) and she doesn't seem to be in any danger.   I think he's found a home, unless his owners show up to claim him.

oh, and the ticks?  Apparently they are beginning to invade the valley.  The vet said he never used to see them, but now he sees them more and more.  bummer.  One more thing to be aware of...


Diana said...

How neat! Two dogs who love each other. How great. You and your family are compassionate, loving and caring people. God bless you all.


Quilt Crazy said...

I'm so happy the dogs have a good home and can be happy together.