Friday, May 11, 2012

I Cut Something!

I've been trying to decide what to work on.  How wonderful, to actually have time to quilt!  And yet, so little time.  I want to make the most of it.  How can it best be spent?  Good question.  How do YOU decide what to work on this minute?  Is it the project you've been working on steadily?  Do you go back to an abandoned UFO?  Does an upcoming potential deadline motivate you?

I keep getting the SAQA reminder that auction quilts are due by June 1.  That means that if I'm going to do anything - and I guess at this point, I should stress the "IF"... it needs to be EXACTLY 12" square, finished, and at its destination in less than 3 weeks.  At this point, I have nothing.  Is there a UFO in my box that could be put to use?  No, not really.

But wait! 

I have a box, containing a collage vest project, ala Rosemary Eichorn.  I took a class at least 5 years ago, got started, and never finished.  I pulled it out for a second embellishment class, added some beads, and shoved it back in the box.  I've grown (larger) since taking the class.  Why spend time on a vest that will not fit if/when finished?

No point, is there?  I haven't been motivated, despite loving the fabrics, the theme, and the collage work I'd already done.

And then I had the "aha!" moment.  I have a rotary cutter, I have a ruler.  Let's see if we can make something useful out of that useless vest.  Three hours later, here are the results.
 I have always been particularly fond of these frondy sea plants and sea urchins.  I don't want to cut it down, it measures 14" in one direction.  It will not do for SAQA, but it will do for a project when I need one.
I like the sea turtles too.  But to get them all in the frame, I still can't trim it down to 12".
The sea urchins standing alone are also fun.  Can't you just see some additional embellishments adding a lot to this understated piece?  It measures less than 12".
 There were some 5 x 7" pieces that will work for future quilted cards.  Useful for me, not for SAQA.

And finally, I took the leftovers and zigzagged them together.  I like the look, it's definitely "fiber art," eventually it may be quilted.  But it's not big enough for SAQA, and I don't have enough leftovers to make it bigger.  It is a fine size, as is.
So there you go.  I got inspired by a SAQA deadline AND a UFO.  The UFO is definitely on its way to becoming all kinds of fun art quilt project, but a SAQA piece?  No, not even close.

Despite my "failure," I'm pretty pleased with myself.  Today has been exceptionally productive.  woohoo!!

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