Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Things

When I returned from Paducah, my garden was filled with new blooms.  Most of the spectacular iris are spent, but there are some itty bitty lovelies that are now making an appearance.
 The first Bird of Paradise is laughing at the fence.  I've spotted two more buds making preparations to pop.
 Another wee beauty bloomed in a pot.  Who would've thunk?
 I have some mini orchids that bob merrily every spring.  The sun is so bright, they look over-exposed.  Sorry about that!
Out at the ranch, there's a new kid in town.  She likes car repairs.
 She likes to check out the orchard.
 The nuts look good this year!
Miss Kitty has made herself quite at home.  She loves people and has no problem with other animals, even if they may have a problem with her.

 Mr. Cat is particularly unhappy with her appearance.  It's HIS house, HIS mechanics, HIS orchard...who does this interloper think she is, just marching in like she belongs?
For the most part, Chupa pretends she isn't there.  One cat swiping at her nose is quite enough, thankyouverymuch.  Not that Miss Kitty has the bad manners of Mr. Cat, mind you, but a dog can never be too careful...
I guess the question is, where did she come from and will she stay?  She's skin and bones, but quickly found Mr. Cat's food dish.  She's got a week to stick around and fatten up before she goes to the vet for a little alteration.  :)

I'm hoping that my last box from Paducah will show up today.  When it does, I will give you a peek at some of my new acquisitions.  :)  They're all good!  :)

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