Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Oh, Goodies!

My goodies from Paducah have arrived.  I understand that some of you are curious to know what I could possibly need (ha!) or want
 (I want it all).  ;)
First, I bought a piece of every color of Dupioni silk from one vendor.  Who knows when I'll finally break into crazy quilting?  When I'm ready, I plan to be able to jump right in.
 I bought a nice selection of perle cotton.  Same reason.
 I bought a lot of fabric, because I was at Hancock's of Paducah.  The only way to avoid that is to avoid Hancock's.  But if I've gone all the way to Paducah, don't I want to do EVERYTHING?  Indeed, I do!
 So much for the new "improved" Blogger.  It still flips my pictures.  This is another fabric I bought from a vendor.  I never would have noticed it on the bolt, but she had it draped over a table.  scrumptious!  It reminds me of little girls.  :)
 The National Quilt Museum had a special anniversary line of fabric featuring dogwood.  I needed some.  :)
Because I was there.
 And I bought perle cotton from Laura Wasilowski, silk ribbon from Frieda Anderson, and thread from Superior.  You can never be too prepared to stitch now, can you?
The other thing that came from Paducah today were my quilts.  wow.  I have to say that the judges' comments really surprised me.
  "Lacks dimension and perspective needed to achieve realism" on one;
"Design not cohesive" on the other.

Really?  Perhaps they just didn't "get" them.

Then again, earlier this month it was suggested that I
 "strive for a more consistent hand quilting stitch."


You know what?  I really do enter my work so that people will see it.  If the judges like it?  Great!  If they don't?  I read their comments, see if there's anything that I can learn, and if not?  oh well.  They hung my quilts anyway, and I'm still smiling.  :)  A different day, a different judge, and who knows?  The same quilt might just be a "winner."  ;)


Barbara Sindlinger said...

Love all the goodies you got. Fun to see what other people get.

We were talking about judges comments tonight at Loose Threads. I don't mind bad comments either - it's all subjective and very much the opinion of that judge. But it's interesting to read what they have to say. That's why I enter BOTV. You at least send off to national shows. One day.....

quiltedtime said...

Interesting. Barb and I were also discussing this at BOTV. I don't know if she believed me when I told her that I never read the judging comments. I just tuck them away in a drawer. Maybe when I am 90 and bored, I will look at them. As for now,I am on my own quilting journey and what a judge happens to say isn't going to influence that. I don't quilt for them. I quilt to express what I need to say.

sewmuchfun said...

Love the "loot". Would love to have been to the "Hancock's"booth!

Quilt Crazy said...

I think you are right about at another show it might be a winner. Each show is just a moment in time. And judges are only human. They don't always get it right. :).