Friday, May 18, 2012

One Man's Trash

What is it about my pictures that causes Blogger to flip them?  They are taken straight on, they are loaded onto my computer in proper orientation, but when I upload them on Blogger?  Kapow!  Flipped that!  grrr.  Makes me mighty annoyed!
As I was saying, "One man's trash...another man's treasure.
My neighbors are having an estate sale.  I can never resist, so I wandered over and did not come home empty handed.
 I LOVE embroidered pillow cases.  I have a stack of them that I've purchased here and there.  I'm going to try out a product called "Retro Clean," to see if it works as advertised, to restore vintage linens and remove discoloration.  I bought the stuff, now I just need to use it.
 The ironstone cream pitcher was $1.  The cloisonne dragon vase (my son-in-law is a Year of the Dragon baby) was $2.  Can't beat those bargains, can you?
I bought the shell necklace with the intent to dismantle it for beading/shelling a small quilt.  And the small, stuffed silk-screened butterfly?  I thought I recognized the work.  I turned it over to find "KA TA" on the back.  I know Kata.  I'm guessing this did not originally sell for $.75, but it did today.  And it is now mine.

Not bad for $7 and a walk across the street, no?

I left behind the GORGEOUS oak dining table with 6 chairs for $600.  If it's still there tomorrow, I may play "Let's Make a Deal."  It's not like I NEED a table, but it's well made with sturdy chairs.  And there you go.

I'd best get to work.  Have a good one!

P.S.  I will call the pound today, to see if anyone is looking for the pit bull.  But I won't bring him in or drop him off.  He's a very nice dog, and not deserving of death. 

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Quilt Crazy said...

Wow! You got some really good stuff! And I'm glad your not taking the dog to the pound. We couldn't take Ralph either. And lucky for us and Ralph, he found a good home. I hope the same for the Pitbull. :)