Thursday, May 24, 2012

Solar Tubes

For years I've said, "I live in a cave."  Most people have a hard time believing me.  But once they've seen my house, they've understood.  I've tolerated it for almost 19 years, but now that the kids are past school and I am home a lot, I can't take it any more.  Too dark, too depressing.  You don't believe me?  These pictures were taken, without flash, in the middle of the day.

 Could you live in this?

Yesterday I did something about it.  I hired my walnut contractor to install some solar tubes in my ceiling. 
"Let there be light!"
 Again I took photos, without a flash.  The difference is INCREDIBLE!! 

 The only drawback is that now that I can actually see what the room holds, I might just have to be more diligent about keeping it clean!


pb said...

my word what a difference love the new look. sunshine at it's best

Anonymous said...

You might have to wear your sunglasses inside!!!! WOW! Linda

Quilt Crazy said...

It looks great!

Diana said...

Wowsie! They should hire you to be their sales person. What a dramatic presentation.


Anonymous said...

WoW is right! Maybe he can add a few more?

quiltedtime said...

I did some checking into the solar tubes last summer for my home. Same problem as yours. In the winter, my home becomes a dark cave. My summer ran out before I got much further, but from your pictures, it sure looks like I was on the right track. I will do more inquiry. Thanks for the information.

Jamie Shorb said...

Check out
for info on solar tubes. They have a new low profile unit called Sun Glo.