Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Spinning My Wheels

Despite all of the creative input over the past several months and all of the quilt shows and all of the quilt show purchases, my well of creativity seems to be nonexistent.  I don't know what it is, but I don't "feel" like doing anything.
I WANT to be doing something, but I don't FEEL like it.  It's the blahs or doldrums or something.  For these times, I grab stacks of Komforters for Kids, to sew my way into creativity.  Over the past week, I finished 7.  I'm still in the doldrums.
 Maybe if I wash more lace, doilies, and hankies?   ooh!  aah!  These things are beautiful!  (And I thought they were already beautiful when they were yellowed with age!)
 The crocheted laces (probably cut from doilies) were purchased at an estate sale last year.  The doily was my grandmother's.
 I pulled out paper and pencil to work on my 2012 Hoffman Challenge.  This is as far as I got.
I have a box of triangles, cut from making binding.  Yeah, I know.  It's a lot of triangles.  I do a lot of binding.  :)  I guess that means I've made a lot of quilts?  ;)  This is the box after I sewed together triangle sets for several hours yesterday.
 I sewed my way through "Much Ado About Nothing," and "Good Will Hunting."  These blocks are the result.  I have no use for them as yet.  They will move from the triangle box to the UFO box.  I remember I thought I was clever a few years back, when I renamed it The Box of Possibilities.  It's back to being UFO's, as I can't even remember the last time I pulled anything out of there.  oh well.
And that's my weekend in a nut shell.  Busy, busy, busy work.  And not a lot to show for it.  Perhaps this week will be more productive?  One can certainly hope so!


Sara Kelly said...

Not productive??? Seriously??? Seven people somewhere will be tickled to get one of your comforters and I can see those scrappy blocks becoming more. You rock!

Del said...

At least you are keeping your "sewing hand" in shape by doing something (any thing) with your sewing machine. I've been looking at photos from QShows I have attended - just trying to find that spark again. Good Luck!