Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stumbling Forward

Thank you for the encouragement regarding my creative block.  I've decided that to move forward, I have to move.  And so I did.
This is what remains in my "purple & grey scraps box."  It's a Rubbermaid shoe box.  If you know what that is, you know that it's not very big.
 I knew I had amazing packing skills.  When I unpacked the purples (I left the greys and the solids and the less than 50% purples in the box), the scraps covered my sewing table.  holy moly, that's a lot of scraps.
 I went back to the drawing board.  Then I went to Thimble Towne, and bought some muslin, for a foundation.  After dinner, I snipped and stitched.  Thirty minutes later I had this base.  I probably shouldn't have trimmed it to size (6.5" square), as I have more trimming to do.  But wow.  This felt good. 
hmmm.  I might just have something by mid-July after all.  Goals are good!

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pb said...

i have one of those fabrics. How about that!