Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Today's Tasks

I've once again pulled this UFO out from the depths of the closet.  I started it in the mid-90's (early 90's?), finishing the top around 1998 or '99.  It's my on-again off-again (mostly off-again) hand quilting project.  Perhaps this will be the year I will finish it.  Goals are good.

And during the day?  I'm working on a quilt-for-hire, and trying to prepare for a yard sale in 2 weeks.  Once again, goals are good.  The ultimate goal?  To clear out enough for new carpet.  Stop laughing.  Okay, so I KNOW it's like moving, and I KNOW it's not fun.  But the carpet was installed in of the few things older than this UFO.

Goals are good!  :)


Quilt Crazy said...

Ha! Goals are good :)

pb said...

I hope you finish it this year it looks interesting.