Wednesday, June 27, 2012

12, 13...

Stitching continued yesterday, with the completion of Block #12.
 And Block #13.  Pat?  See that checkered ribbon?  You dropped that by yesterday afternoon.  :)  Thank you so much!!
 Today is our 31st wedding anniversary.  "Thirty-one years" is (are?) a lot of years.
 And guess who's back?  After disappearing as mysteriously as he'd appeared, this dog - who shall remain nameless - is back.  We think it's because he now has a dew-claw issue.  He's here for veterinary services.  Once rendered, I'm sure he'll take off again on his travels.  In the meantime, he's shredding everything he can get his teeth on.  Good thing almost everything is cleared from his reach!
And that's about it.  One more Crazy Quilt block to embroider, and then I can assemble my top and begin on my applique.  Goals are good!

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quiltedtime said...

That darn rascal!!!