Friday, June 8, 2012

Christmas in June?

I thought Christmas in July was a bit much.  And here it is June, and we have a "Christmas" program at guild.  Only it's not just Christmas, it's recycling found items and turning them into fun decorating accessories.  I'm talking about Dawn Farrier, of Creation Station in Buellton, and her fun and fascinating presentation at yesterday's meeting.  This is Dawn.  She's hard to miss.  ;)
 Isn't this fabric garland cute?  It's just string, loaded with 1" x 7" pinked-edge strips, tied in place.  (There are two other garlands in the picture.  One is a stitched chain of paper snowflakes, the other a stitched chain of scrap fabric.)  Christmas cards are attached to the garland with clothespins.  What a quick and clever way to display them!
 This garland is made of beer bottle caps.  They're chained together with crochet.  She also had crocheted chains of buttons.  When I left, I wondered if I could dye some of the old crochet thread I've inherited.  hmmm.  The more I think about it, the more I think the idea has possibilities.
 Got a couple hundred green yoyos?  Grab a styrofoam tree form and make a tree!
I think this wreath was my favorite item.  It's strips of fabric tied onto a wire form.
 My second favorite was the tomato cage, turned upside down and into a tree.
 Or there was this tree - fabric tied onto thin steel cables, attached to a circular base and suspended from above.
If I had half the creativity of Dawn, I would be THRILLED.  Instead, I will absorb her ideas and see what happens.  I definitely came away from the meeting with a new invigoration for doing something different.  What fun!

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Barbara Sindlinger said...

Looks like it would be an interesting show. I'm assuming this is the Tulare guild?