Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy, Happy

I don't know about you, but fresh paint makes me happy.  Finally we were ready to paint the main house.  Before...
The trim should be finished tomorrow.  It looks so happy!!
Chupa likes it too.  She's particularly happy that part of the lawn died.  She likes rolling in it.  ooh.  aah.
 The walnut trees are also happy, working to produce quite a lovely crop of nuts.
 I went to an antique mall today, and found this Metlox pitcher for $15.
 The same mall had a second pitcher in tangerine...for $65!  I think I got the better deal, even though I did love the orange one too.
And finally, today my SAQA piece was listed on the website.  I guess it did get there after all.  It is on page 1b.  You can see it here.
All things together make me happy, happy, happy.  :)


Diana said...

Faaaaaaar be it for me to even suggest that miss Chupa arranged the grass the way she likes it. She looks so lonely. Has that gigilo ,Rocky, come back to her? Poor, Chupa. Having been jilted she' depressed!

I would guess though that Mr. Cat had some hand in this mystery.

Seriously, though, the house is beautiful. Yellow and white look wonderful, sharp & clean.


quiltedtime said...

Your house looks fresh and clean. Yellow and white always makes things look so inviting! Those are the colors of my bedroom.

I am sooooo happy that your quilt showed up. I was really concerned about IT and YOU. It's always so sad when one of our creations goes missing.

Here's to happy endings!!!

Barbara Sindlinger said...

So glad they got your bird! I love yellow houses - so cheerful.