Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Small Town Crazies

I have no pictures.  My camera was in my purse when we were shooed, shoeless from the house at 7pm.  The SWAT team needed our structure, to keep an eye on the backyard neighbor.  What did he do?  He called the police to come to his house, then emerged wearing body armor and shooting.  Seriously?  Seriously.  The cop shot back.

At the time, we (husband & I & two sons) were on the patio, eating dinner.  pop! pop! pop! pop! pop! pop! pop!pop!  (One son counted 8, the other counted 11.)  "What was that?!!"  Was it gunfire? or firecrackers?  The boys were sure it was gun fire, and peeked over the fence.  Nothing.  huh.  It really sounded close.

Within the hour, our block was evacuated.  The crazy man was eventually escorted from his house, but not before he'd turned on the gas.  We were allowed to return home, "But stay on the north side of your house, we're still checking his place with the bomb bot."  Lovely.

I have to say that I am glad we have SWAT and a bomb squad.  I wouldn't think a town of 125,000 would need them, but they do come in handy when the neighbors go crazy!

Thank you, SWAT!  As my youngest said, "I'd say, 'Come back any time,' but I'd rather not repeat the experience."


oh.  And I did finish a quilt-for-hire yesterday.  woohoo!


Diana said...

Thank the Good Lord that no one was harmed in this incident. Blessings.

quiltedtime said...

There just seems to be too many of these kind of people nowadays. Really scary.

Vivian Helena said...

that is tooo close for comfort.. My husband is with Search and Rescue.. more things happen then we ever hear about..
Thankfully, everything turned out ok..

We have a SWAT policeman that lives on our street... comforting.

Quilting is soothing, enjoy and stay cool.

pb said...

Suzie more exciting stuff happens to you than even me. I have not even gone in the sewing room for fear that I will never unpack a suitcase. Coming home to the unpacked suti cases is a bummer I need a fairy godmother