Monday, June 4, 2012

Where Is It?

A Splash of Color
A few weeks ago, I showed you this little quilt, and announced that I was donating it to the SAQA online auction, set for this September.  Apparently I was mistaken.  I finished it, and I sent it to New Mexico via the USPS on May 23.  It had to arrive by June 1, to be included in the auction.

They've posted all auction entries on the web, and mine is nowhere to be seen.  hmmm.  Apparently it never arrived?  What on earth did the USPS do with it for 10 days?  They told me it would be delivered "in 2-3 days, no problem."  Well, apparently there was one.  And I didn't use tracking or delivery confirmation, because it was only going to NM.  arg!

I guess it will be coming home?  When?  2 weeks from now?  Or is it permanently lost to me?  If so, I hope someone is enjoying it...

My other quilt "news" is that I'm actively working on my 2012 Hoffman Challenge.  Yay!  I've pieced 7 of 14 blocks.  I'd hoped to have them pieced by Wednesday, but if I work at it steadily, maybe I'll finish them tonight.  I need to finish them before I go back to my for-hire work, because my entire work station (table & ironing board) is covered with scraps of purple fabric.

And on that, I'd better get back at it.  See ya!


Barbara Sindlinger said...

What a bummer about the lost mail. I guess we always need to track to keep them on their toes.

quiltedtime said...

Shipping can be such a pain. I have found that "overnight" for FedEx means one week.

Hope yours turns up, Suzanne. How annoying!!!