Friday, August 31, 2012

Stage 1

The times quoted for rolling out the pad and carpet are approximate.  Every time I turned around, they were at another stage.  I can't believe I missed the seaming and securing stages for pictures.  I know I was fascinated!
Stay tuned for Stage 2, due to begin at 8am Tuesday.  Same Bat Time, Same Bat Station.

P.S.  The carpet is green.  My camera just can't seem to pick up the color.  oh well.  At least it picks up the pattern!  (This is a patterned berber.)

Things Change

This morning I was up early.  I had a chance to read the newspaper, which is something that doesn't happen very often.  oh.  my.  Goldie passed away.

I met Goldie years ago (early 90's) at the Presbyterian Church.  Later, she joined the quilt guild.  I always enjoyed visiting with her.  I think the paper said she was 93?

We used to have a yearly Silent Auction, in which guild members could sell their art or stash or what-have-you.  Goldie was more than a quilter.  She was an artist.  I was delighted to purchase two of her paintings.  They've hung since the day I bought them.

They aren't really hanging crooked - I want to reach through the screen and straighten them!  I had to wiggle my way through the piano and the buffet that are currently in the middle of the kitchen.  Then I leaned across the piano to snap the pictures.

That's right!  You've guessed it!  At 7am, my living room looked like this:
The carpet-layers have been here since 8am, and wow!  Things are definitely changing!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hanging Quilts

One can only keep painting for so long, before wanting to put something on the wall.  I mentioned to a friend, that I was going to be hanging quilts today, and she requested that I include my method in a post.  And so I shall.  I will also say that this is not "my method," I learned it from some of the members of my art group.  This is the final result:
 I began with a slat of ash, purchased from the lumber store.  It was 97 cents for a 2' piece, three times that for a 4' piece.  The slat is about 1/4" thick - it looks like this: long, thin, and flat...
 I already have a nice roomy sleeve on the back of my quilt, that stops a little more than an inch from each edge.  I cut the slat to measure about an inch or so longer than the sleeve.  It needs to be longer than the sleeve, and shorter than the width of the quilt.  I drill holes on each end of the slat, for hanging.
When the slat is in the sleeve, this is what it looks like.  I didn't say much about the measuring, but it is important to have clearance between the sleeve and the quilt edge, so that the nail hole is unencumbered.
 I put one nail in the wall at the desired height, put the slat on the nail, level it, and then put in the second nail.
Take the slat down, slip on the quilt, and hang it in place.  And there you go.
I should probably mention that I realize I should not hang quilts near a light fixture for an extended length of time.  I rotate my quilts, and for the most part I do what I can to prevent fading.  I'm also very aware of energy usage, so the lights are off for the most part, unless we're in the room/area.

This particular quilt is "Sierra Snow Melt."  I've offered it for sale more than once, and have had nary a nibble.  At this point, I'm happy to hang and enjoy it.  :)

In other news, the carpet is in town.  woohoo!!  We've moved most of the furniture from the living room.  I can't wait to take pictures, before and after.  Several pieces of furniture will not re-enter the house.  They'll go live at the walnuts, or end up in a yard sale.  I'm currently sitting in the room, discussing the placement of the furniture once the carpet is installed.

Wow.  This is like taking a shower after being caked with mud.  It's so invigorating to see the room empty and getting a face lift.  I'm sorry I didn't plan well enough to get it painted before proceeding, but that's the way it goes.  One fix-it project at a time.

As I told my sister yesterday, I'm not looking at the house as a whole.  My list consists of "what I hate most," and I'm working my way down.  If that means that I hate worn out carpet more than out-dated wallpaper, sobeit.  She's been encouraging me to update the kitchen.  The kitchen is way down on the list.  It's the living quarters that are currently the object of my attention, and I've declared war.  So far, so good.

Let's hope I still feel the same way at 5pm tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Not Yet

I'm still waiting for carpet.  Maybe (said with great doubt) it will be here tomorrow?  That is what the Carpet Man said to me yesterday.  So I go home and make this for hubby's birthday.

 You don't believe that he's 41?  I don't either.  But he'd rather have y'all believe that I'm 12 years his senior, than 1 year his junior.  And I thought it was the women who were supposed to have the age issues. ;)

While waiting for carpet, I paint.  This is this morning, before 10am:
Same room, after 4pm:
I guess you could say I'm on a tear.

Or I'm avoiding the reality of eventually packing everything to move it for carpet.  You know, and I know, that when the carpet DOES get here, I'm going to say, "What?!!  So soon?!!  I'm not ready!!" 

And so I paint.  :)

Better than ripping out wallpaper, which was my original plan for today.  If the carpet installation does not begin by Friday, I will rip out wallpaper over the weekend.  Goals are good.  :)

Today I read an article on the front page of the Bee, about a lost dog who was found.  I was going to link to it, but apparently it hasn't been read online enough to remain.  I can't find it. 

Anyhoo, the dog was a Cao de Fila de Sao Miguel.  Haven't heard of it?  Me either.  HOWEVER, it is described as having "distinctive Mickey Mouse round ears."  I did a double take.  And then I googled.

Check this link, particularly the bottom photo.  And this one

Look familiar?  How about a comparison:
She was much older, and wasn't groomed other than brushing. 

All of the pictures I found of the Cao de Fila de Sao Miguel (aka Portuguese Cattle Dog, from the Azores) have their coats cut short. 

For those of you not from here, Tulare County has a very large Portuguese community, made up of a LOT of dairymen, from the Azores.

Her biography reads better that she was brought here from the islands, and outlived her usefulness.  After looking at the pictures online, I think I want a puppy.

Yes.  I said it, and that was a FIRST.

Thank goodness the only breeders I've found are in Canada and the Azores.  A puppy is NOT in my future.  Hopefully carpet is.  All we can do is stay tuned, and hope that truck starts trucking!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


It took this much tape, plus a yard, to tape the hall. I KNEW there were a lot of doors.  See?  They're in the ceiling, as well as the walls.  (That's the whole house fan at the top of the frame.)

By 4pm, I'd finished the prep work, and started in on the fun part.  I took this at 8pm last night.
Look at the difference between the old (flat beige) vs. the new (bright white semi-gloss).  Cave, be gone!!

Look at the details one notices while getting up close and personal with the building.  I don't know that I've ever noticed this cutout before.  I know.  We've been here 15 years.  I have never painted the hall.
I painted until 10 pm, and thought I was finished.  I cleaned up my tools, and went to bed.

Then I remembered that I hadn't closed the paint can.  When I went into the hall, I saw a big patch that I'd missed.  The paint had soaked in like it was water.  It took 2-3 coats to cover/make the walls white.  I'm wondering if these walls were ever primed.  In looking back, I've thought the same thing as I've painted my way through the bedrooms.  grr.

This morning, when I got up, the morning light revealed a huge section that needed yet another coat.  By 10am, I'd finished the gallon of paint.

This afternoon, I bought another quart, to do the last 1/6 of the hall ceiling.  In the meager 1pm light, you can see that the white didn't cover completely.  *sigh*  Tomorrow I will again be painting in the hall.

Next on the list:  master potty closet & pool bathroom.  Goals are good!

Hey Mr. Carpetman?  Where's my carpet?!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Bad Painter

I'm supposed to be painting.  I haven't started yet.  I envy Malcolm, living the good life, lounging by the pool.

There are two Estate Sales listed in the paper.  I can handle two, so I get in my car and get out of the house.  And I come back with this:
It's a chocolate brown bowl, that I bought because the bottom said this:
Do you see the "USA"?  I like things that say USA, especially things that are actually made here.  I bought it, for a quarter.

Thinking that it might be a collectible piece of pottery, I tried searching.  This is what I found on eBay:
"Bauer Pottery Ring Ware Very Rare Brown #24 Mixing Bowl"

If you "buy it now" from eBay, it will only cost you $127.75.

Wow.  I wish all of my "investments" had such a potential payoff!!

There is a bit of thin glaze on the lip, but it doesn't detract from the piece unless your a connoisseur.
So that's what I've been doing.

Enough procrastinating.  Time to get to work in the hall.

Maybe the next time I post, I'll be done with the painting.  hardy har har.  You didn't believe me, did you?  I know.  I didn't believe me either.

Thursday, August 23, 2012



If I bought paint for the bathroom, and auditioned colors in the hall (still wet in the last pic), does that mean that I'm committed?  Or just that I should be?

Still waiting for an update on the carpet.  I guess it will be/might be some time next week?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Maybe I'll Paint?

Just hanging around, wondering what to do with my time as I wait for carpet next week.  My plan to get up, wash the hall, tape and buy paint hasn't materialized.  Maybe this afternoon?  Or tomorrow?

I keep unearthing treasures.  Here I am with my 1961.
She's the one who's sleeping...

yep.  Good times.  Cleaning/decluttering brings back memories, big time.  :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

On Your Mark, Get Set...

Hurry up and wait.

I've been trying to prepare for the big house shift, as the Great Carpet Installation was scheduled to begin in two days.  I've been sorting, culling, shifting, boxing...doing all kinds of things to mentally prepare from what I am sure will be a week-long nightmare.

Good thing I'd told the dealer that I wasn't going to move furniture until the night before.  "Please call me the day before you are certain you will be here." 

The phone rang today.  "Suzanne?  Ummm, yeah, bad news.  The carpet hasn't left the mill yet, so it probably won't be installed until next week."

right.  Good thing I didn't get talked into putting the furniture in the garage over the weekend, as husband had suggested.

My reaction to the phone call? 

I went into the sewing area and whipped out two blocks and two postcard tops.  After all, I don't have to move furniture for another week, right?

And I called my sister, and said, "If I have a whole week, should I paint?"

hahaha!  Yep.  This activity is going to end up with me in the looney bin.

Gotta go.  I think I need to buy some paint.  :)

P.S.  Digging through drawers and closets unearths all kinds of treasure.
I'm pretty sure this was taken more than 20 years ago.  I don't think the mission (San Juan Capistrano) has changed much, but we most certainly have!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

When It's HOT,

Wash fabric!
I'm often asked why I prewash ALL of my fabric.  It's because I've had too many bleeding disasters in finished quilts.  Now I prewash before filing it in my stash.  Commercial prints are washed with Retayne, batiks and hand-dyes are washed with Synthropol.  Don't they look pretty hanging on the line?  They'll smell fresh and crisp, and there's very little pressing to be done.  Here is one of the fabrics - wouldn't you be glad if you'd plunged this into the tub before plugging it into your quilt?
Yesterday I committed to new carpet.  We've lived in this house for 19 years - we moved here in Sept, 1993.  The house was built in 1988.  After 25 years and 4 kids, our carpet has seen better days.  I am in a panic.  How does one get almost 20 years of accumulation off the floor and out of the rooms?  There's got to be a way to deal with it...I know!  I'll sew!

I have a month left before our Postmarkd Art deadline, so today I finished my "Monet" submissions.  They will go into tomorrow's mail.
I had a wonderful time making these.  I think I am hooked.
This one is my favorite.  I snipped some selvedges for the "message."
If I don't post much in the next few weeks, I've got my head down, cleaning and prepping for carpet.

If I do post in the next few weeks, I am avoiding all of the work that I SHOULD be doing.  Just thought you'd like to know.  :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Post #1000

Good gravy!!  How did this get to be post #1000?  Good thing Blogger keeps track, because I most certainly don't!  Did you know I have posted 1000 times?  Have you read them all?  And you still come back?  I am honored, and flattered, and thank you, VERY MUCH!!  :)

I have been sewing, a bit, really I have.

I'm trying to get together my "Monet" cards, for the Postmarkd Art exchange.  I've almost finished the collection, and hope to get them in the mail within the next week or so.
Why have I not been sewing?  I've been painting.  walls.  They're the only thing I paint.

Last night, I looked like this.
The laundry room put up a good fight, but in the end?  I was the victor!

And yes, most of the paint did come out.  I think.  At least I can't see it any more...

And so, the quest to claim the house continues.  I had a glass table top cut for the kitchen - I thought I'd showed it to you last week, but apparently I was doing something else, and only thinking about showing you.
I keep getting asked if this is a new table.  umm, no.  We've been eating off of it for 10 years.  Husband had no idea.  It's always been covered with a table cloth and clear vinyl, to protect the wood.  I hit my limit, and am ready to enjoy the wood.  I'm so pleased with this investment.  I smile every time I see it!!  yay!  Mark one more thing off of the list!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Old Pictures

Are a hoot.
SJK with Missy - 1968 - Del Mar Fair

Friday, August 10, 2012

Art in the Bathroom

The toilet is back, and the room once again functions.  And it looks good doing it, even though it needs a new coat of paint.  :)
I like the things I've hung in this room.  I'm not sure they're hung well, but they're in place, and they make me happy.  It's my "beach" room, if you will.
I stitched the shell cross-stitch in the early 80's, before I heard the call of quilting.  I bought the green bowl (with shell handles) from a yard sale, then filled it with some of my shell collection.  The large green shell and small flat shell were from Tahiti and Bora Bora, respectively.
My mom made the shell wreath, with some of her collection.  I made the "Kitty Motu" wall hanging, and I bought the shell planter from Coldwater Creek - a source of more than just my wardrobe.  :)
My daughter painted this view of Reedley Beach (the Kings River) when she was in high school.  I've always loved it.
And finally, this painting was made by a distant relative by the name of Cecelia Jenkinson, of New Zealand.  The painting has an interesting story.

My grandfather immigrated to the US in 1926 from Germany.  Other family members immigrated to New Zealand.  Some time in the mid-1980's, he decided that he wanted to make contact with his New Zealand relatives, something he'd never done before.  How did he do it?  He got on a plane, flew to New Zealand, opened a phone book, looked up "Fischer," and started making phone calls.  At least that's how I remember the story.

Within 30 minutes he had a name and address of a relative, and subsequently spent a few weeks getting to know the family.  He loved to paint with oils, and apparently it was a familial passion, as his cousin was also a painter.  She sent him home with this painting, he sent her one of his when he returned to the states.  After he passed away, the painting came to me.

My kids like it.  I believe this particular location is seen in one of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe movies, maybe a Lord of the Rings, and a few other movies that escape my memory.

The little shadow box below the painting is filled with more of my mom's shell collection.

So now you know my little secret. 

My pool bathroom is filled with beachy family mementos, and it makes me smile.