Friday, August 24, 2012

Bad Painter

I'm supposed to be painting.  I haven't started yet.  I envy Malcolm, living the good life, lounging by the pool.

There are two Estate Sales listed in the paper.  I can handle two, so I get in my car and get out of the house.  And I come back with this:
It's a chocolate brown bowl, that I bought because the bottom said this:
Do you see the "USA"?  I like things that say USA, especially things that are actually made here.  I bought it, for a quarter.

Thinking that it might be a collectible piece of pottery, I tried searching.  This is what I found on eBay:
"Bauer Pottery Ring Ware Very Rare Brown #24 Mixing Bowl"

If you "buy it now" from eBay, it will only cost you $127.75.

Wow.  I wish all of my "investments" had such a potential payoff!!

There is a bit of thin glaze on the lip, but it doesn't detract from the piece unless your a connoisseur.
So that's what I've been doing.

Enough procrastinating.  Time to get to work in the hall.

Maybe the next time I post, I'll be done with the painting.  hardy har har.  You didn't believe me, did you?  I know.  I didn't believe me either.


Del said...

Great bowl - fill it with ripe tomatoes! But don't you need to finish the painting before the carpet arrives - whenever that may be?

Barbara Sindlinger said...

You are easily distracted! Great bowl. I love pottery. My hubby try and get a local piece where ever we travel. (It's hard to do.)

Quiltedtime said...

Yup, you are a very bad painter but a good yard/estate sale buyer. I can't believe what people find at those sales.

kat said...

just think about drips of paint on new carpet, unwitting splotches on the bottom of shoes being walked onto that lovely new floor in the bathroom, tripping over dust sheets and other general disasters, it'll be a great motivation!!