Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hanging Quilts

One can only keep painting for so long, before wanting to put something on the wall.  I mentioned to a friend, that I was going to be hanging quilts today, and she requested that I include my method in a post.  And so I shall.  I will also say that this is not "my method," I learned it from some of the members of my art group.  This is the final result:
 I began with a slat of ash, purchased from the lumber store.  It was 97 cents for a 2' piece, three times that for a 4' piece.  The slat is about 1/4" thick - it looks like this: long, thin, and flat...
 I already have a nice roomy sleeve on the back of my quilt, that stops a little more than an inch from each edge.  I cut the slat to measure about an inch or so longer than the sleeve.  It needs to be longer than the sleeve, and shorter than the width of the quilt.  I drill holes on each end of the slat, for hanging.
When the slat is in the sleeve, this is what it looks like.  I didn't say much about the measuring, but it is important to have clearance between the sleeve and the quilt edge, so that the nail hole is unencumbered.
 I put one nail in the wall at the desired height, put the slat on the nail, level it, and then put in the second nail.
Take the slat down, slip on the quilt, and hang it in place.  And there you go.
I should probably mention that I realize I should not hang quilts near a light fixture for an extended length of time.  I rotate my quilts, and for the most part I do what I can to prevent fading.  I'm also very aware of energy usage, so the lights are off for the most part, unless we're in the room/area.

This particular quilt is "Sierra Snow Melt."  I've offered it for sale more than once, and have had nary a nibble.  At this point, I'm happy to hang and enjoy it.  :)

In other news, the carpet is in town.  woohoo!!  We've moved most of the furniture from the living room.  I can't wait to take pictures, before and after.  Several pieces of furniture will not re-enter the house.  They'll go live at the walnuts, or end up in a yard sale.  I'm currently sitting in the room, discussing the placement of the furniture once the carpet is installed.

Wow.  This is like taking a shower after being caked with mud.  It's so invigorating to see the room empty and getting a face lift.  I'm sorry I didn't plan well enough to get it painted before proceeding, but that's the way it goes.  One fix-it project at a time.

As I told my sister yesterday, I'm not looking at the house as a whole.  My list consists of "what I hate most," and I'm working my way down.  If that means that I hate worn out carpet more than out-dated wallpaper, sobeit.  She's been encouraging me to update the kitchen.  The kitchen is way down on the list.  It's the living quarters that are currently the object of my attention, and I've declared war.  So far, so good.

Let's hope I still feel the same way at 5pm tomorrow.


Quiltedtime said...

I enjoy seeing your quilt again. I believe I saw it in the West Coast Wonders exhibit at Long Beach a number of years ago?

Quilt Crazy said...

The quilt looks great. And I bet your carpet will too.

Jan Krentz said...

Thanks, Suzie! I appreciate your step-by-step explanation. How easy!